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Powerful Software that Tracks, Monitors and Analyses Brand Activity across Different Influencer Data Sources

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360 Degree Reporting

Beautiful and presentation-ready reports that provide a 360 degree insight into your brand activity, which can support you in internal debriefing and forming of your influencer marketing strategy.

Reports can easily be customised to your needs and provide you a quick overview of your brand’s key KPIs in relation to relevant categories/segments and side-by-side benchmarking with competitors or general industry.

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Achoo 360 Degree Reporting

Discover New Relevant Influencers

Influencer data sources are analysed and can be grouped in relation to relevant categories such as time, geography, topic, market verticals, etc. Within these categories Influencers are then ranked by key KPIs such as Reach, Engagement, and Impact, which allows for easy identification of influencers who potentially can maximise your ROI.

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Achoo Discover

Track & Monitor Your Brand Activity

Tracking, monitoring and structuring vast amount of real time influencer data sources which allows you to better understand brand performance:

  • Get full insight into which influencers that mention your brand
  • Get overview of current popular and trending topics addressed by influencers
  • Further drill-down into influencer content and understand relevant dynamics in your market
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Achoo Track & Monitor

Achoo Influencer Platform includes:

Consumer Response

Achoo ranks influencers by key KPIs such as Reach, Engagement, and Impact, which indicates how valuable a match between brand and influencer potentially can be.

Viral Effects

Achoo outlines the viral effects of influencer marketing in addition to identifying and mapping key relevant influencers for your brand

Channel performance

Achoo tracks, monitors and structures all your brand mentions from a vast amount of real time influencer data sources, which provides you 360 degree insight into how you brand performs in the influencer marketing channel.

Social Sharing

Achoo tracks information in relation to sharing of influencer mentions on social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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