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Insight into which influencers that mention your brand

Achoo software tracks, monitors and structure vast amount of real time influencer data sources, which allows you to be on top of when and where your brand is mentioned.

Achoo Features

Full overview of influencers by categories

Achoo Advanced Search

Achoo software groups influencer data sources into relevant categories including time, geography, topic, market verticals, etc., which allows for easy filtering and full overview of all influencers active within a certain category.

Achoo Features

Identify influencers with best ROI potential

Achoo software ranks influencers by key KPIs, i.e. Reach, Engagement and Impact within relevant categories to you. This help you to identify potential influencers who can maximize ROI for your brand.

Achoo Features

Benchmark your brand's performance to industry or specific competitor

Achoo software can track and monitor all relevant keywords and generate side-by-side reports comparing your brand’s analytics against that of a key competitor or the general industry.

Achoo Features

Presentation-ready reports providing 360 degree insights

Achoo software packages all analytics into reports that provide you a 360 degree insight into your brand activity and performance which can be used for debriefing and support your influencer marketing strategy. We offer standard output reports as well as easily customized reports fitted to your needs.

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